Ihsan Solo Ads Digital Marketing 4 Real Ways to Make Money with Social Media

4 Real Ways to Make Money with Social Media

4 Real ways

Ultimate guide to generate free traffic from Facebook and promote Clickbank products
and earn Big commission without a website & autoresponder


Hello and thank you for downloading this money-making guide. You can earn money from this method without a website or funnel page etc.

most important thing is for you to understand the information inside, and I believe you will. Below you will find 4 real ways to make money with social media with detailed explanation on exactly how to make them work. The basic idea of those methods is building an audience and then promoting affiliate sites to that audience.

 It is not hard work, but it will take some of your time. It depends entirely on you. If you put some time, you will get some results. If you put greater amount of time in this, you will get greater results. Think of those methods as your own online business, because they are. You must do all it takes for your business to succeed, so if you are not serious and you don’t want to have your own online business, you don’t need the information in this PDF.

 It takes hard work and determination to succeed in every business and this one is not different. Don’t lose hope if it doesn’t work right from day 2, just keep doing it and you will surely succeed. Never give up! Never surrender to negativity and doubts. Don’t give up,

 be sure you will succeed, and you will! You can make thousands of dollars every month with those methods, thousands of other people are doing it, so can you. You can pick a method from those below or do all of them. It’s up to you. Your time and determination. I wish you good luck and fast results in applying those methods.

You can apply this method like different niches like Drop shipping, Affiliate marketing, Amazon Selling, Social media marketing, Influencer marketing, Consulting Business and also about Dating, Intimacy Hacks, Health and Fitness and many more

The Facebook Account Method.
1. Get a female Facebook account.

For this method, you will need а Facebook account of an attractive girl. If you have a suitable account to use, go ahead and change it according to the tips below.

If you don’t have a suitable account. you can either create a new one or purchase one from (it will cost less than a dollar, but you need a PayPal account to pay with). If you create a new account, make sure you follow all the below tips:

  • Create a new email account for your new Facebook account. Do not use an email account that you used for another Facebook account (even if you have already removed it from the previous account).
  • If you have used more than 5 Facebook accounts from your personal computer, it is recommended to use a Proxy. You can use a free service such as HideMyAss or usd nord Vpn.
  • Create a female Facebook account with profile information that looks real. You can use: FakeNameGenerator if you don’t feel like making it all up 🙂
  • Make sure you use photos of a very attractive girl. Include at least 10 photos in the account and set up a cover photo as well. You can use provocative photos but you should never post nude photos on Facebook. Set at least 10 pictures on featured area some picture of payout proof you can google it and upload on your profile.
  • Make sure you choose a good profile picture. Think about how the thumbnail will look like. Best type of photo you can chose is a portrait of the girl’s face.
  • Set up as much profile information as possible. This makes the account look real and it’s very important for gathering friends and/or followers. See below sample
  • Enable followers in the account settings page.
  • Verify your Facebook account with phone. If you have used your phone number to verify your personal Facebook account, just login and remove the phone number from your account. You can now use the same number to verify another Facebook account. You can buy a virtual number for verification from Textnow or Dingtone apps.
2. Start gathering friends and followers.

Post on Facebook timeline like “ FREE INSTANT PASSIVE INC0ME! Watch Ads And Earn 2.5% Daily. $20 Signup Bonuses Bring You Profit Every Second. Minimum Withdrawal Is Only $0.10. with payout proof take pic from google image to post. Write down on comment ask for more info, people will comment on your post and you can send your link through inbox.

Below is 2 example

This is the most important part of this method. As fast you can gain friends and followers, the more money you will make. That’s a general rule.

There are a few ways of getting friends and followers listed below, however this is the point where you need to get creative. Think about other methods to obtain friends and followers to make the process as fast as possible.

Remember that Facebook haves a 5000 friends limit, so chose carefully what requests to accept and what not to. We are going to be promoting affiliate marketing sites,

Those are the countries you should focus on:

  • United States


  • United Kingdom


  • Canada


  • Germany


  • France


  • Australia
  • Italy


  • New Zealand


  • Spain


  • Sweden


  • Norway


  • Switzerland
  • Denmark


  • Austria


  • Ireland


  • Finland


  • Belgium


  • Netherlands

Examples on how to get new friends and followers fast:

  • If you have filled all the profile info like hometown, high-school, college and workplace, Facebook will start suggesting you friends right away. Start sending friend request to the men suggested to you by Facebook. In the beginning while your account is brand new, do not send more than 20-30 friend requests because you risk getting your account blocked.
  • Join groups and be active on them. Post comments and wall posts in groups, such as introducing yourself and inviting men to send you friend requests. Try to find groups with mostly men member base (such as groups for affiliate marketing, MLM, MMO, and digital marketing other stuff that are more famous for men than women).
  • Find and like fan pages related to affiliate All fan pages focusing on posting girl photos/earning proofs are suitable. Their audience is exactly what you need – men interested in women. Like the posts of such fan pages in order to see their future posts in your news feed. Comment on their posts so their fans see you and send you friend requests. The more you do this, the more exposure you will get for your accounts.
  • Use free affiliate A lot of affiliate  sites are free to join for female members. Just sign-up, create an account and put your Facebook profile link in the profile description section of the affiliate  site.


No matter what industry you’re in, you can find great products to promote on ClickBank. And if that doesn’t quite live with you, you can also become an Amazon Associate, promote products of your choosing and earn commissions on them — Amazon has no shortage of products.

How do I choose ClickBank products to promote?

Find a ClickBank Product to Promote in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Brainstorm your niche. …

Step 2: Understand your customers. …

Step 3: Find best selling products on ClickBank to research. …

Step 4: Opt for markets with multiple products. …

Step 5: Focus on high commission percentage offers (65% or greater).

What are the best products to sell on ClickBank?

6 Best Selling Clickbank Products in 2021

  • Forex Trendy.

12 Minute Affiliate.

Earn Money From Your Photos.

Diabetes Freedom.

Teds Woodworking.

Pull in 6 Figures Or we we’ll pay for your Traffic


  • Use forums to gain friends and followers. Join various forums, post a few comments on threads you have something to say about and then add your profile link to your signature with a text inviting men to join you on Facebook.
  • Use other social media accounts to promote your new Facebook account.

Again, this is extremely important part of the method. Be creative, think of other ways to increase or friends/followers base. It is the key to increasing your earnings.

3. Make money with your Instagram account.

           Use Same method like we used for creating Facebook account.

That’s the easy part. After you reach 10,000 followers you will start getting a lot of followers just by posting photos. Those posts will get a lot of likes and comments so a lot of the followers of your followers will see them too.

As we discussed in the beginning, we will be promoting affiliate sites. There are a lot of affiliate sites, and they all have specific conditions for the registrations they are paying for, such as country, device type, age and others.

All these criteria determine the amount of money you are getting paid for each sign-up you will bring to the affiliate sites. So, to cover all the 19 countries listed in point 1 of the first method and all device types and ages, you will need a lot of affiliate sites. Luckily there is a simple solution for this part of the method.

As soon as you have 5000 Instagram followers, you can apply for an account with the adult affiliate network Franktrax/Maxbounty/clickbank or other if you have already . After you get approved, you will receive a single link that covers all the countries from pt. 1 (plus around 20 more), all device types and all ages.

You just have to put your link in the Website field of your profile settings and when posting photos, direct your followers to the Bio section with a photo description like: “Downloaded from the site in my bio!” Go to the link in my bio!” and that’s it!

You are making money! Everything is taken care of for you. Your personal link is dedicated to your account and comes with pre-installed landing page that leads visitors to the best converting (earning you the most money per visitor) affiliate site, according to their country and device type.

All you need to do is put your link in your bio and post photos with description directing your followers to your link. The Franktrax/Maxbounty/clickbank or other if you have already  system is doing all the heavy lifting for you in the background, making sure you will make the most out of what you bring.

The Shoutout Method
  1. Register for a free Franktrax/Maxbounty/Clickbank or other if you have already account.


After you get approved you will receive a link for you to promote.

The Referrer Method.

2. That’s the easiest free method of making money with social media. The Franktrax network offers you another way of making money online, without doing all the social media work explained above.

They have a referral program that pays you 7% commission on what your referrals make! This means that if you bring just 10 people in who make $1,500 a month (which is fairly low), you will make $1,050 in commissions per month for doing nothing!

Imagine if you bring 100 people or more. It is indeed the easiest way to make money. You just have to tell others about those methods. You can give away this PDF to everyone you want.

Just make sure they signup through your personal referral link (you can find it in your Franktrax dashboard), so you get commissions for everybody you refer.

It’s important to remember that making money on social media isn’t necessarily easy. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to work hard, test and experiment, your chances at success will be far greater than the chances of those who just want to “give it a try” to see what happens.

I hope you enjoy these methods and make a lot of money with them! If you have any questions, drop me a mail/Live chat on Website. If you want live session how this works send me an email, $200 cost for live session via Zoom.

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