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Tips for Solo Ads

tips for Solo Ads

Figure Out Who Is Writing the Subject Line and Ad

Depending on the market, you may be able to write the subject line and the overall ad, but in other markets, it’s standard practice for the email list owner to write the subject line and ad.
If the owner of the list wants to write their own Solo Ads, this can save you time and money on copywriting, but keep in mind that their copy is what’s going to make or break your best solo ad.
Discuss the Solo Ads copy with the owner of the list before you run the Solo Ads.

Tip #2:

Communicate with The Person You’re Buying Ads From

You aren’t buying ad space from a robot; you’re buying it from a person. Because of this, make sure the person is trustworthy before you purchase your Solo Ads.
• Do they stand behind their traffic?
Are they responsive?
• Do they seem easy to work with?
• Do you trust them?
• Do you feel good about working with the list owner?
• If you answer no to any of these questions, find another list owner.
• There is no need to waste your money.


Test the List

It’s important to test a list before you run a full Solo Ads campaign.
With that being said, don’t test the maximum! Test the smallest amount that the list owner will let you test to see what kind of results you get.
This way, you keep the risk low and avoid blowing money on a campaign that gets you nowhere.

Tip #4:

Look at the Email Lists You Follow

Before you start running Solo Ads, check that there are actual email lists in your market.
If there are email lists in your market that you follow, that confirms that email marketing exists in your market.

Tip #5:

Contact People You’re Following

If you’re already following list owners, you may already have some list owners that you can contact to run Solo Ads with.
While not everyone is open to the best solo ads, many people are.
Contact people in your market and see if you can spend $250 or so to market to their list.


Check the Markets Below (They’re Definitely Serviced by Solo Ads)

Not every market is right for the best Solo Ads.
With that said, here are a few markets where the best Solo Ads are effective:
• Health
• Survival
• Internet marketing
• Financial
• Crypto
• Personal development
If your market isn’t on that list, look more into it. You may still be able to run solo ads.


Consider Your Niche for Click Goals

Some niches are going to get more clicks than others.
Keep in mind that more advanced niches may get fewer clicks.
The bigger your overall market is, the more likely you’ll be to get clicks. If you have a specialty niche, though, you likely won’t see the same results as a more general niche.


Consider Your Click Prices (In Relation to Your Niche)

Not all niches have identical click prices.
For example, for health, you may get 1,000 visitors for $1,500, while for personal development, you may get 1,000 visitors for $1,200.
Consider your specific niche when figuring out click prices.

Consider How the List Owner Charges (CPM Vs. CPC)
Service providers often charge in one of two ways:
• CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
• CPC (cost-per-click)
An impression is how many times a unique person sees an best Solo Ads.

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